CNC Laser Cutters: Benefits and Misconceptions about Laser Cutting

These days, in spite of the wide array of types of lasers, including Cancam CNC laser cutters, being used in an extensive array of industrial processes, there are still a lot of misconceptions associated to them, specifically about laser cutting.

Common Misconceptions about Laser Cutting

Among the most common misconceptions regarding laser cutting technology has something to do with laser cutters being volume limited. A lot of people mistakenly believe that laser cutting is only good for one-off prototypes and that this is not applicable for full-scale runs of production.

The truth is, with the numerous advancements in the technology of laser processing, it has made different laser processes like laser cutting more expedient than ever before, with many manufacturers already equipping their products with tools required for full-scale production. It is true for the 3- and 2- axis gentry kinds of lasers, and even for the galvanometer type of lasers, which make use of mirrors for directing the laser beam, and are also much faster in small areas.

Also a misconception with CNC laser cutters is that any kind of laser cutting machine is nothing but a danger to a work area. This is definitely so far from the truth. Manufacturers of laser cutters made sure that they design all of their systems from scratch with utmost safety and security being their main concern. Once the system has been installed properly, the process of laser cutting becomes safe that is even considered as a much safer option compared to tool-based systems.

For more than four decades, lasers have been used for cutting different materials as well as other kinds of industrial processes. And through all these years, they have been able to prove themselves successfully. Aside from being safe and efficient at the same time, these are also simpler and easier to use since they don’t need any complex tools often required for traditional methods. Since these are non-contact, you can be sure that there will be no tool wear that can affect the quality of cuts.

Laser Cutting Benefits

Like other kinds of industrial laser processes, laser cutting offers a long list of exciting advantages. These are safe, fast, efficient, and scalable even to full-scale productions. However, these benefits are merely a tip of the iceberg as far as laser cutting is concerned.

Since they are exclusively under CNC, the CNC laser cutters have the ability to make cuts with unparalleled precision, which include extremely narrow widths, and these can also hold even the tightest of tolerances. You can expect for quick setup, and every cut is easily repeatable and guaranteed reliable. Laser cutting systems can also cut shapes with complex geometries, setting them apart from other machining methods.

Without contact between the cutting apparatus and the workpiece, laser cutting systems like CNC laser cutters eliminate the possibility of material contamination. Since laser cutting is used for various materials, such as metals and plastics, wood, ceramic, rubbers, and more, this advantage becomes even more important.